‘Twas the Night before My Birthday

‘Twas the night before my birthday when all through the house, were great fears that the kids would soon be stirring, when I’d really rather they slept through until at least 7am. Even 6 would be good. No, 7. 7:30. I’m dreaming big here.

Other birthday-related dreams include sleeping in, staying in my pyjamas all day while in bed sleeping, taking a few naps here and there, and maybe enjoying an uninterrupted snooze or two.

I’d quite like to leave the kids at home and go and do something fun and adulty with Husband too. While we’re out we’ll probably think about the kids basically every minute we’re away and talk about them with anyone who’ll listen. I’ll absentmindedly get out my Instagram and trawl through pics from the last three years and nine months (almost 10), and then come home to bed because my day of naps has been so exhausting I need an early night, and we’ll just look at the kids sleeping like a pair of creeps and I’ll think they’re the greatest birthday gifts I could ever possibly have.

Especially when they’re sleeping.

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