Oh, Hi There

Allow me to introduce myself:

  • Lover of a lot of things including but certainly not limited to giraffes, picnics, matching stationary and potato chips.
  • Wannabe French-learner because it’s up there on the list of sexiest languages ever and I’m also wannabe-sexy.
  • Softer than I’d like to be but mostly too distracted by potato chips to do anything about it.
  • Lover of floating in the ocean but not so far from shore that I can’t quickly escape sharks if my day calls for it.
  • Liker of cooking hearty dinners for my husband, but lover of eating extravagant dinners cooked by him for me (as long as he starts cooking four hours before we intend to eat it otherwise we’ll be there all night).
  • Also known as E, E-Dawg, E-Wok, Ronnie, Roonie, Smerin, and the timeless from-another-life Gallagher.
  • God-lover, wife, mama, friend, own boss, writer, New Zealander, lipstick-luster.
  • When the music takes control, my body can’t stop bopping.

Erin xx

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