Thanks, Google. You’re a GC.

I, along with probably upwards of 84% of the world’s population, regularly dream about travelling. I imagine waking up one day and all my bills and debts have been paid off and my savings account is enormous and I own holiday homes in 13 places (give or take) in various exotic places like Morocco or Vietnam or Prague, and I follow the sun as it circumnavigates the world (although sometimes I decide to swap bikinis for puffer jackets because I like the idea of a white Christmas and those cool Yuletide markets).

Of all the places I’ve dreamed of visiting, though, Tunisia is not one of them. But this morning I received an email saying that, yes, I was in Tunisia, attempting to log into my Gmail account. Thankfully Google decided that I probably wasn’t there after all and blocked ‘me’ from accessing all my really important emails from Farmers and Cotton On and people who I haven’t paid yet for contributing in various ways to my home renovation.

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